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Falls City – The Anglers of Ohiopyle

The Youghiogheny River is a 135-mile-long tributary of the Monongahela. The river flows through Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. Steeped in Algonquian history, ‘youghiogheny’ is a Lenape word meaning “contrary stream.” The Yough is the only river in western Maryland that does not flow south into the Potomac River. It instead flows (north-northwest) to enter […]

Facebook, Now YouTube…How Should Your Business Adjust to Firearm Censorship?

YouTube’s Firearm Policy Restrictions | Marketing Solutions for Firearm Businesses and Brands By: Weston Schrank, SRM Content Manager It wasn’t until quite recently that the outdoor industry discovered YouTube’s restrictions on firearms related content. It has reached the industry’s consumers, brands, and businesses, infuriating many but alarming everyone. These restrictions have come to light not […]

The Death of an Outdoor Industry Business on Social Media

Outdoor Industry Marketing | Investing in Your Business, Not Social Media Jeremy Flinn, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Stone Road Media, was a recent guest on the Bent and Ballistic Outdoor Show discussing social media marketing. This spawned from Mike McKnight’s, host of Bent and Ballistic Outdoor Show Podcast, interest in a recent blog […]

Facebook’s New Algorithm and What it Means for Your Business

Social Media Marketing | Tips for Creating the Perfect Facebook Post By: Brianna Harr, SRM Local Account Manager Facebook has long prided itself in being a community, not a media company, and has made changes in the past to reinforce this idea. Recently, the social media giant has released a statement announcing another change to […]

2018 ATA Show Forecast | Marketing Mix, Mobile Built For 2018

Mobile Focus and Organic Brands | 2018 ATA Show Forecast By: Nick Pustay, Marketing Analyst, and Weston Schrank, Content Manager To start, set aside the innovative technology, state-of-the-art bows, and an overwhelming amount of new products. If you were able to block all of those distractions out and focus on your brand or company during […]

Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting Marketing | Increasing Retail Sales Through Digital Marketing

By Jeremy Flinn, Chief Marketing Officer It should be no surprise that digital marketing is a major contributor to your overall marketing impact on potential consumers. If it is a surprise, then you likely are not adapting to the changing consumer behavior, and marketing ineffectively. Consumers are using the internet as a method to “find” […]