Stone Road Media’s “I Live To” series which features profiles on individuals and the activities that motivate and inspire.

If you had to ask what is the main reason Stone Road Media will help drive your brand to success – We Live It. There are lots of great marketers, but to find a group that truly understands your brand and customer they have to not just “get it,” they need to Live It! Our diverse team entrenches itself in so many outdoor passions, from fishing to running, climbing to hunting. When you create a situation where you have highly skilled and creative marketers, with passionate enthusiasts, you have a unique system engineered for brand success. We succeed because we are experienced, we excel because We Live It.

When Lance and Lee Martin established Wilderness Voyageurs in the 1960s, they tried to keep their son, Eric, away from the river. Instead, Eric made a living in his kayak. He began slalom racing and would continue to do so for over a decade, racing in two junior world championships and making it all the way to the team trials for the Olympics. Now, Eric has taken over the family business, managing Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle. His goals in paddling may have changed but his commitment to the river will never slow.

Jeremy Flinn’s best attribute has always been his speed. Growing up, he used it on the playground, in high school and college, he used it on the sports field, and now he uses speed as a release. As a lifelong runner, he has always been drawn to mountain trails and the peacefulness of the surrounding forest. For Jeremy, running is more than a hobby, it’s a devotion to his mind, his health, and his soul.

When Delaney Laughlin was making a move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she made sure her new apartment was near a climbing gym. Laughlin who originally hails from Golden, Colorado, began climbing after some of her friends encouraged her to join them in an outdoor climbing excursion. From that moment on, she was hooked.