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Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Stone Road Media Announce Content Contract

Pittsburgh, PA- For more than 35 years, Deer & Deer Hunting magazine has been the go to source of information for whitetail hunters across the country. Packed full of tips and tactics, whitetail science, and land management content, the magazine strives to provide the most cutting-edge information in the industry. To help pursue that goal, the magazine has contracted Stone Road Media and its experts to contribute both featured articles and original column pieces in every issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.

“Our team consists of nationally-recognized biologists and avid outdoor writers from across the country, to bring to life entertaining and informative media for outlets such as Deer & Deer Hunting,” states Steve Smolenski, CEO and Co-Founder of Stone Road Media. “We’ve been reading Deer & Deer Hunting since we were kids, so the opportunity to contribute to such a heralded magazine is amazing.”

Stone Road Media maximizes the content for readability and engagement, but also formulates it to be very oriented towards Search Engine Optimization, for content being released via the web. “The written word is not dead, it just took a new look in the form a “typed” and can be found on millions of blogs and websites daily,” Smolenski adds. Stone Road Media will also use a staff of outdoor photographers for exclusive images to accompany the articles.

Look for both full-feature articles, columns, and stunning photography from Stone Road Media staff in every issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.


Stone Road Media:

Heather Delacoma, Sr. Project Manager, 724-803-5804

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